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I’ve been busy and preoccupied over so many things lately, here’s a quick post of photos in my hard drive that made me smile today. The Philippines is such a beautiful country. Anywhere you go, there’s just a vast variety of food and endless options of islands to visit. You would always find a place to go to no matter how much your budget is. If you ask me, the best thing really are the simplest things – sunrise and sunsets. They differ from one place to another, but always a beauty nonetheless. In a span of three months this year, I’ve been to the beach more than 10 times and enjoyed it each time! A lot of friends have been asking what my Summer plans are, and I laugh at the thought of this because it’s Summer 24/7 in the Philippines. Hope you enjoy the pictures. These are all taken in different islands/cities/municipalities. You can click the images for better resolution. Good night!911a3482

With love from the Philippines,

M. ❤


Lugnason Falls, Siquijor.

We didn’t plan anything for the day, especially after the previous night’s hangover, but our friend, Jan, brought us to the perfect spot that actually matches our mood. Siquijor was pretty gloomy. It was raining and the clouds were dark, but in this hidden spot, everything else was the exact opposite.18aWe drove for what seemed like half an hour – listening to good music and recording ourselves on video while we sang and danced which usually ended up making a fool of ourselves but beautiful memories nonetheless. We also bought drinks, as usual, chocolates and chips while we figured out where we’re going. We passed by the beach, rice fields and the mountains while we look at Siquijor’s mystery over the window.12421276_1028561287200051_935855590_n.jpg 12746538_1028561307200049_1263408_n.jpgWe trekked for an hour and then, arrived at this underrated hidden spot called Lugnason Falls. It was peaceful – other than the fact that nobody was there, it was really secluded and it had this cemented table that was perfect for just chilling and enjoying the view. 16acollageAfter some time though, people started arriving and the most interesting part is, they were all foreigners. We met Israelis, Americans and British nationalities. Mostly they came in groups or as couples. Since we were in the perfect spot right in the middle of everything, we couldn’t help but offer drinks! We were drinking Brandy with Coke and it was so funny, because most of them passed up with the Brandy but said yes to the Coke! aI have seen and been to better places. But meeting new people in this secret place, seeing people jump from the top of Lugnason falls, feeling how cold the water was, and genuinely enjoying such a simple place in this island was a deal-breaker. It made me want to come back to Siquijor and actually live there. bWe actually planned to stay there for about 1-2 hours so we can go visit other places before it gets dark, but ended up staying there the entire afternoon – about 4-5 hours – with no regrets! We trekked to this hot spring – it had fresh water! – we learned later on that it was actually the island’s primary source of water. 2aWe were so famished after everything – the trek, the swim, the endless laughter, the effects of alcohol in our system? But so full of happy and crazy memories that we will never forget for a lifetime! Here’s a shout out to my friend, Jan Dean Villa: Thank you for being the most accommodating host and for being the best tour guide ever!


M. ❤

Siquijor, Siquijor.

So three years later, I’m here resurrecting my blog from the dead. When I started blogging again in 2013, I told you about my love-hate relationship with blogging. I’ve been blogging since I was 14, I’m just not sure why at some point, I get tired of it. But here I am! With photos, memories and a sun-kissed heart.1I visited this island with my gay friends last Summer in May 2015 and I “liked” it. I had the chance to spontaneously visit again just recently, but this time though, I was with a friend who grew up there who was generous enought to show me and my best friend, Barbie, around. He toured us everywhere and brought us to hidden spots that you don’t normally see online. I don’t know how to put this into words better than saying “I love it”! One of my goals before I reach 30 is to have a beach house in Cebu. The tables have been turned. I don’t want a beach house in Cebu anymore. I want a beach resort in the mystique island of Siquijor. Or maybe both?

Arrival. Just a few hundred meters from the Sijuijor port is this picturesque spot.2a2While waiting for our friend to arrive, we stayed at Blue Wave in Dumanjog. Not so far from the port, but we had to ride a tricycle – which is the main mode of public transportation there. We paid 100 pesos for the fare and 50 pesos each as entrance fee to this beautiful beach. Entrance fee is consumable, I cant believe they charge very cheap for this breathtaking view. They had mattresses in cute wooden cottages, an amazing shoreline and excellent customer service. If we didn’t plan to stay at our friend, Jan’s house, we will definitely stay here!b.jpg4.jpg3.jpg9aI wish I took better photos, really. Barbie and I were too busy beach bumming, creating videos, laughing and inhaling this paradise of a place. Few hours later, we went  to our friend’s place which was in another municipality called Larena. Their house was on top of a hill and we could the see the beach from there. We had a few good drinks and off we go to their backyard which was an array of small beach resorts.

Here’s a photo of us at a beach just at my friend’s backyard waiting for sunset. 12714166_1021572467898933_1890281651_n12665794_1021572331232280_300461167_nAfter sunset and a great meal and me playing with our friend Jan’s dogs, we drove off to another municipality to enjoy Siquijor’s nightlife on a weekday. Last time I was there, my friends and I didn’t experience any night life mainly because we didnt know where to go. This time though, nothing wild and crazy, but definitely something really chill. We stayed at Siquijor’s boulevard for hours and hours enjoying the view,the sea breeze and the possibility of something supernatural to happen. Haha! You see, Siquijor is known for it’s magic, sorcery, incantations, healing rituals and witchcraft. I actually really wanted to take photos at the boulevard but my friends were too scared because other than it’s already midnight, we were seated near this huge, creepy tree. Cant blame them.18I will stop right here, for now. I have been traveling so much lately and since I’m not big on posting photos on facebook or instagram, I remembered I had a blog that needed re-awakening. Cheers to more time for blogging! & Cheers to everyone who has their own love-hate relationship with their long-time hobbies! Will write more and post better photos soon, yes?


M. ❤



Loboc River Cruise.

Loboc River Cruise!

One of Bohol’s must sees! We paid P300 per head for the cruise that includes a Filipino-style lunch buffet. There’s an array of boats to choose from and they vary from prices to food choices and boat aesthetics. Be sure to choose the best! It will be worth it.

Bantayan Island Tripod Photo: Epic Jump Shot Fail.


All smiles!  Taken just before sunset with B at Bantayan Island. This was one of our scooter-stops during the entire 27-kilometer road trip. 🙂

Ever ridden a Jeepney?


Living in the Philippines means seeing jeepneys everyday. Unlike most jeepneys, this one’s not for public transportation. It’s owned by a hotel somewhere in Cebu and is most probably for customers’ use only. If jeepneys are as posh as this, I might change my mind about my eccentric jeepney-coup.

Highlands, Therapy and TV.

Highlands, Therapy and TV.

I’ve been sickly these days. My Summer homecoming trip has been postponed and my road trip has been hold off. I have tons of photos to post but I keep delaying them because I’m too busy watching TV shows and catching up on episodes and seasons that I’ve missed. I’ve been watching Homeland which turned out to be one of the greatest shows ever, and I’ve been keeping myself updated with Game of Thrones, Nikita and Revenge. I’m waiting for The Walking Dead, The Killing and Pretty Little Liars’ (Ravenswood) new season. When I need some happy hormones, I make sure New Girl is up. I’m still catching up with The Good Wife and I think I might start watching Mad Men and start catching up with Breaking Bad. I have an entire list of TV shows to download and CDs to buy.

It’s that time of the month again when I’m zoned out. It’s procrastination at its peak. If there’s a job for being a couch potato, I’m in.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Little Doses of Happiness, Week 1.


“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

My track record includes a history of ditching my blog, and I’m not very proud of that. My entire wordpress experience had a great head start and today, I’d like to get rid of my noncommittal blogger self.  I’m creating a weekly photo challenge of  ‘Little Doses of Happiness’ that will be posted anytime before Monday of every week. That way, even if I get really lazy, I’d be compelled (somehow) to post anything that made/makes me happy, anything that screams happiness however insignificant it may be to others. Besides, a happy reminder before Monday could help ease Monday blues especially for those who needs to be in the office working for 8 hours or those who needs inspiration and a bit of sunshine here and there.

Feel free to join me in this weekly photo challenge by tagging ‘Little Doses of Happiness’ so I can see your photos, and share your little doses of happiness to others. This is by far the first photo challenge that I’ve ever initiated and although a little bit skeptical, my manic depressive self is already excited. 🙂 I hope you are too!